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Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi

Here are some action shots on my 23 month old toddler who weighs 26lbs. His measurements are:

Rise: 14.5" to 15" without diaper
Waist: 16.5"
Leg: 10.5"

Most of the mediums really are too small for him, but I showed them anyhow so you can see how they fit. They are shown from smaller to larger length, the width varies, see measurements.

GMD Wide Baby: The white cotton has a different feel than the unbleached or organic cotton. This diaper does seem like it is designed for a wide baby, just like the GMD website says. It is good to have something for babies who get really chubby really quickly.

Imagine MD Unbleached: The thread color is more of a goldish yellow and a little lighter than the Organic. I wonder what their newest batch for 2012 will be like?

Imagine MD Organic:

GMD MD Organic:

GMD MD Unbleached:

OsoCozy Better Fit Toddler: These are a little small in the rise if I remember right. I need to try them again, but I don't think they had as much give as some of the others, so they seemed a bit too small. I will come back and comment again. But after this one, the mediums start to fit my toddler.

ETA: Yes, the above comments are true. They are a bit short on my son. These would be great for a baby or toddler who has a shorter rise but needs the width. If you are considering the Cloth-eez GMD wide baby, I'd consider these as well.

Diaper Rite MD Unbleached: I think I will love these! They are so squishy and pliable. They are a very nice fit on my toddler.

ETA: Yes, after using them some more, these are the best fit on my toddler.

Zabi MD Unbleached: I like the fit on these, but they are a little narrow. Even though my son is slender, he does not have small hips, so these are a bit narrower around than I would like. But, hey, the rainbow edges are so pretty...such a nicely chosen rainbow thread! These would be a great choice for a tall and slender toddler.

Mama to our many blessings!

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