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Re: Hey, where did this forum come from?

I am so glad to have a place where we can support each other. I have always been afraid to post c/s questions on the regular boards because I didnt want to be attacked!!!

My first was after 36 hours of labor and only progressing to 3cm and I think the nurse was being generous My DS was presenting face up with his chin to his chest so really he was trying to present the back of his neck/shoulders... just was not going to happen.

With this one I considered a VBAC (mostly because of the pressure I felt from others to have one) but the closest hospital I can get one at is almost 2 hours away and just cant justify all the travel for appts not to mention when I am in labor.

I am now VERY ok with my decision for a repeat with this LO and cannot wait till they arrive in May! It will be nice to be able to plan childcare and time off from work for my hubby too...
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