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I'm so happy this forum actually happened!! I never share my birth stories bc of the stigma of cs on here.

DD was an emergent at 35 weeks. I had been on bed rest since 29. Low amniotic fluid without a leak. Went for normal us check and her fluid had completely diminished. My ob said my placenta had shut down and looked like someone who was far overdue. Dd was malnourished, but only spent one night in the NICU getting her sugars in order. I ever nursed her in recovery before they took her!
DS was a planned VBAC, but had plans to apparently inhabit my body forever, so an overdue pregnancy with a prior section only 18 months before equaled another section. I was much more at peace with the situation the second time around. In MO you can't attempt a VBAC after 2 sections, so I guess it's cs for me in the future too!

So glad to know this support is here!!

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