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Elefanten 27 and 28, Hanna Andersson 35, Red Goose Toddler 6

This is a pair of Hanna Andersson girls Comfy Clogs size 35, which fits foot length 8 1/2 inches. These are in excellent used condition. There is a small black scuff on the front left of the left shoe, as seen in the close up picture. Otherwise, these are in perfect condition! These shoes have flexible tread soles, leather uppers, padded insoles and heel straps that can flip up or down as needed.

I am asking $40 ppd.

This is a pair of Elefanten toddler girls shoes size 28. This is equivalent to a toddler 10.5-11 or 6 1/2-6 2/3 inches foot length. These are in great used condition. There are some scuffs as seen in the pictures. But the insoles and soles are still in great condition!

I am asking $15 ppd.

This is a pair of toddler girls Elefanten clogs size 27. This is US toddler size 10. These are in worn looking condition, but still completely functional. The soles are in perfect condition, hardly look worn. The leather looks worn, but there is still a lot of life left in these shoes!

I am asking $10 ppd.

This is a pair of Red Goose high top black shoes size 6 in toddler girls. They are in GUC. The material is leather upper and the sole is man made materials. There are two black flowers on the outside of each shoe.

The soles are in excellent condition. The bottom of each shoe is in great condition, just a little dirty from wear and tear. The leather is intact. At the front of the left shoe, the sole has come unglued in a tiny area. The shoe lace on the left shoe is unraveling, so it will need a new shoe lace. There is a small scuff on the outside of the right shoe, directly above the sole. There is also a tiny hole at the top right of the ankle on the left shoe and the top left of the ankle on the right shoe. It is not noticeable unless you look very closely.

I am asking $3 plus shipping (should be able to go first class).

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