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Feeling frustrated with EC

I've been reading about EC for awhile and and decided to give it a go since last Thursday. The first night, my son who is 6 months old and exclusively disposable diapered, pee'd in the toilet and I felt very encouraged. He pee'd once a day for 3 days straight. I put him on there after every meal and after he woke up from naps. Since Sunday he has started rejecting the potty altogether. He will not sit on the toilet seat and tries to scoot off of it, straightening his legs. We have both a seat on the actual toilet and a baby Bjorn smart potty and he acts the same way on both. It feels like I'm forcing him so, I stop because I don't want create a negative association with either. I really don't know what to do. Should I give him a break? Should I scale it back? Maybe try him on it once a day and work my way up? Should I keep up with it and hope he will learn to like it? Anyone else have a similar experience? I'm feeling defeated and appreciate any tips and/or advice...
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