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Re: Feeling frustrated with EC

My daughter isn't that old yet but she has plenty of times when she doesn't want to be on the potty. A lot of times it was cause I was putting her on too much trying to catch something. It helps having something on the seat like a potty cozy or I just lay a diaper insert on top. She doesn't like the cold seat. I also play with her a lot on the potty and sing. The main thing is to just keep trying and be okay with misses. Just yesterday i had the baby horn insert between my legs and was holding my daughter over it while she peed. I then started to feel warmth between my legs and realized I didn't have her totally in the bowl and it was running down the side. EC fail�� Maybe try to not be so diligent. Potty him when it pops into your head. It's a lot more natural that way and You will start to notice that you are responding to his cues. You are definitely doing the right thing by taking him off if he doesn't want to be on it though! Just keep at it! One of the things I've read the most from my research and searching for reinforcement is that the communication part of EC is the most important part and that is so true!
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