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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread ~ Feb 18 - Feb 24

*sigh* we were doing so well too.

Dd somehow managed to knock over dhs TV and broke the inside screen and the hdmi cable. I was terrified of his reaction, lol. That's like his one vice. He doesn't smoke, drink, go out with the boys, nothing. He just enjoys his netflix. So I was freaking out. Thankfully he wasn't too upset, but we had to replace it tonight. I use it for my insanity workout (working out using the computer is awful), he uses it to relax.... So it was definitely a necessity. Funny, we rarely watch TV but yet it's so important in the little ways....

So we went to best buy/sears/target and came home $569 broker. Lol. We got a 50" LCD TV and a hdmi cable, and saved over $200, so I guess it's a thrifty buy.

It just sucks that it happened and I had to use up the remaining tax money on it, since that $$ was earmarked for our gas/hotel when I drive home. Oh well I guess. We'll just have to seriously buckle down before the end of march, when I move.
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