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Originally Posted by deezee02
I would get the big house.

Seriously...I dream of to day we have 3 more rooms. We have a three bedroom right now...but ods and dd share at the moment and it terrible. Plus...I need an office! Tis house was big when it was just dh,ods and i need space!

Nothing new here...paid the ticket, $152. Tomorrow I am going to the bank to get a $210 money order and sending it with signature required. , then Monday I need to go to the bank across town to see about the money order we sent last month they said they did not get. Also have to come up with $250 for the dogs spaying. Oh yeah...tomorrow I also need to change the title over to our names and register the car...this is going to be an expensive 2 days...

On the money in front...we have about 1338 right now that is not earmarked for food/household.

Mortgage - 855
Electric - 250 (this is going by last month...hoping it is cheaper this month)
Dogs - 250
Car - 100 (estimate for amount we will need for title and plates)
Ticket - 152
Money order - 215 (again, upped a but to account for the mailing it)

Leaves me about $500 short. I upped my ebay listings, so that will help. I still have money coming in for 3 more Mary Kay orders (one of those was around $125 too). March is also a 3 payday month. Hopefully my dad will file my taxes soon so I can see what that will be.

Still waiting to hear about the lady's car...her agent called yesterday but left the wrong number. cost 244.06...includes the car and money order so I over estimated by about 80. I have $200 in PayPal already from things that ended last night and still have about 10 things I am waiting on payment for. Plus my Mary Kay orders.

I need to keep up with my ebay listings...we will have at maximum, the deductible for dh's accident, so another 1000. Hoping to just throw dh's extra paycheck at that rather than use our savings. That was going to go for debt, but at least we will not go into debt further...also, with the new car, our insurance is $25 cheaper this month (about 10 next month).
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