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Re: Breastfeeding theories- chat with me

Absolutely believe in the placebo effect and the ability of our minds to work over our bodies.

However, I think low supply, like most problems with our bodies, is a complicated thing. I think that our hormone levels are all over the place after we have a baby and it would be silly to assume that prolactin levels can't get messed up just like any other hormone.

I also think that the normal rhythms of our society today can play a factor. Sleep for example. Maybe one mom needs a particular amount of sleep to help maintain her supply but because she has moved away from her family she doesn't have enough people to take the baby for her to be able to get enough sleep. Another mom needs to go back to work and discovers that she isn't responding to the pump well. Or whatever. I think our bodies are all different and that what works for one body might not work for another. I think tha concept applies to dealing with illnesses, working out to lose weight, diets and allergies, and of course to childbirthing and BFing too. I think it's just way too complex to just say hat if you wear baby enough and nurse often enough and Hershey's with baby close enough that anyone should be able to nurse exclusively and successfully for months and years.

I think there are more women who struggle with supply issues than most LCs and lactivists are willing to admit. I also think that that is one of the factors limiting research into the real reasons why low supply happens, beyond the standard lines of "supply and demand, just nurse more" and "don't give bottles or pacifiers, they cause nipple confusion." There are pills to help guys 'perform' and pills to help prevent pregnancy and pills to replace thyroid hormones, but there is very little to improve breastmilk supply. IMO that is really where the focus should be. Discovering and working the medical side of it needs more focus.

I often wonder how many societies actually do exclusively nurse foe an extended period of time-meaning up to and beyond the recommended 4-6month timescale for starting solids.
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