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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Originally Posted by BNC View Post
I have unmedicated ADD, and I get side tracked very eadily during the day. I will make breakfast for the girls, return to the kitchen to get something to eat myself, and start doing dishes, or something else.... i do always eat dinner with them bc we all eat the same thing. But we all like something different for breakfast and lunch, so i will make theirs first then forget about mine....usually it sits uneaten in the microwave or on the counter, lol.
I, also, have ADHD, but eating has never been something I have forgotten about! lol

Scale this morning says I have lost about 4 lbs since getting back from our trip. And that is just from adding in what exercise I've done, and I haven't even done anything every day. I think part of it is due to the fact that I am finally getting my thyroid taken care of. I need to work on getting my pH levels more balanced, though, which is hard for me, as so mamy of the foods I enjoy are acidic. Oh well. At least the scale says I'm doing something. Going to work to keep at it this time and get this weight gone.
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