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Re: Big Mamas October Support Thread

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
I am still hanging steady at 155. It's been months now, I gain I loose but I keep leveling out back at that. I can't seem to loose for good but at least I don't seem to gain for good either. I'm really wanting to do C25K. I really want to make the goal to run a 5K for my thirtiest birthday in January. BUT i'm scared. I tried C25K once before and because I guess I was running two often my knees got super swollen so I quit. I just don't want to start something that I"m going to quit. I just really need to not feel like a failure about anything else right now. I feel like it's to great of a risk for me emotionally to attempt something knowing I may fail. I know that sounds pitiful, but I haven't been in the best place since my last miscarriage. And I'm trying to pull myself out and I know working out will help, but I need to not fail at it. So how do you guys push yourselves to do it. I tried last week, and something got in the way of working out every afternoon. I'm thinking about trying mornings, but I am NOT a morning person and I already have to get up at 6am. Thoughts ideas? I feel like I'm full of excuses and no real solutions right now.

I don't know about the losing beyond what you have, but for the running, make sure you have top quality shoes that are properly fitted to your feet. Also, don't run on concrete -- run on grass, if possible.

As for motivation, you just have to get to the point where you want it. Unfortunately, I don't know what else to tell you. If I did, it would not have taken me a year and a half to lose the 8 lbs that I've lost.

I do know, though, that if I set out to exercise 5 days a week, I will have a day it won't happen, then I feel terrible and it's easier to skip another day. So, I shoot for 3 days. The last couple of weeks I have managed 3 days, 4 days, and this week I'm hoping to get every day, but by shooting for 3 days, I have some wiggle room.

Is there any way you can rearrange your mornings? Even if you just got 10 minutes of a workout in in the morning, it would be something.
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