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Re: I'm a thread killer!

Originally Posted by Sarawithouth View Post
Well I just ate half a box of chocolates. You know, have to bite into each one to make sure you don't pick an icky one. Would have shared if I could have!

Can I have a vegan cone? Didn't realize rainbow stuff was a DS society? Should I decolor my siggy since I'm not privy??

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Oh man! I want some! I know what you mean about the icky ones. My bff got me Sees candy a couple years ago and we were halving different ones deciding which we liked best. She had her favorites but the others to.

Sure You can have a Vegan cone, I assume they make one right? I am not up on all the options out there.

I think the siggy is fine, but I don't know maybe we should do not bright colors but earthy rainbows.
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