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Unhappy My nb's rash is getting worse

My little guy is four weeks old and has had a nasty diaper rash for three of those weeks-his pediatrician put him on a prescription compound, with the ingredients of maalox, desitin, and nystat. At first it started clearing up great and he wasn't fussing so much when I changed him but yesterday it started coming back-red and bumpy that bleeds-its now creeping up his stomach His prescription ends today so I called his pediatrician and we're heading back in this afternoon-I've never heard of a nb having a diaper rash, especially this bad! He's been in sposies since I started the prescription but even before that, cds didn't seem to help. I also just use wash cloths and plain water to wipe-and he almost screams when I touch it, it hurts him so bad. I've also air dried him a lot and used breast milk on the rash, along with almost everything over the counter I could think of, nothing is working sara

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