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Re: Bad appointment

There is a great midwife in the area that actually comes to your house for appointments! Can not beat that kind of service. I am just kind of sick of the whole dr. deal. I wish they did not have to make such a big deal about everything. This is my third preg. and I want it to be an enjoyable time, without added stress. If something is going to happen with the baby that is in god's hands and dr. really can not do anything to prevent it. All they do is cause undo worring on my part. I really do love my dr. she is very personalable and sweet but she has gotten so busy that now I will have to see this nurse dealy until closer to I am due. I am not thrilled with her and the phone nurse staff. I think that a midwife is a better option for my family right now. Like I said this should be an enjoyable and blissfull time for me. I am not willing to compromise on that.
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