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So discouraged trying different diapers: FB OS, Bitti Tutto...what to do?

After months and months of our FB OS leaking ALL THE TIME I finally decided to try some new diapers and hopefully just move on. I like one-size diapers and found Itti Bitti Tutto and liked it initially, even though it was different than the pockets I was used to. My LO is very petite, tall and slender...14 lbs at 9 months. The Tutto is so trim in the crotch and it's just fuzzy and fabulous! But after a few huge poops, and one that blasted past the "poo fence" tonight into the high chair, I'm wondering if Tutto is TOO narrow in the crotch? And spraying all that poo off all those layers of soakers is just labor intensive and not very pleasant. What's toddler poo gonna be like in these diapers? And a few times when I've put them on, pee has trickled right out the back as LO was lying on the changing pad. Is the rise too low?

Feeling frustrated and need to be talked into or out of the Tutto. It figures that the FB OS seem not to leak anymore ...but I find the back elastic too tight and leaving red marks so I'm still wanting to abandon those for something else.

I have some Grovia AIOs, Bottom Bumpers and 1 Preston's Pants OTW. Tried Oh Katy and found them leaving bad red marks (otherwise I loved them, and LOVE the pocket in front!). Tried BG 4.0 pockets (with aplix...and cemented that I prefer snaps) and tried one-size Knickernappies. Didn't like the BG, even aside from the aplix. I actually REALLY like the Knickernappies EXCEPT for how bulky they are between LO's legs and how squarish they are in the rear (but a square bum isn't a deal breaker for me...bulk between the legs might be). I also have one RSD stay-dry night time fitted OTW, but it doesn't look like she's got a one-size diaper. Am willing to use sized for night time since I only need to buy a few.

Anyway, I prefer one-size, possibly side-snapping, probably pockets and stay-dry...but at this point I'm almost willing to try anything. I'm shying away from trying Applecheeks because they're sort-of sized, but I keep coming back to look at them, and I'm shying away from SoftBums Omni due to the aplix. Should I consider these?

Help! I wanted to CD as long as it was easy, and that keeps popping into my head each time I struggle to spray poop off a Tutto. I can't help but think of how easily poop just blasts off the FB without me having to get all in it.

Am running out of steam and wondering if selling off the FB is/was a mistake (though, after seeing some of these other diapers, I feel the quality of FB isn't that great!).

What to do? Feeling deflated with my CD'ing crusade (zero support from the family).
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