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***Winter gardening chat! *** December~January

Did I really forget to do this!? LOL Here it is ladies, whatcha up to? I know some of us have crops outside still, many have some potted plants indoors and most of us have started getting those glossy catalogs to drool over in the mail. I think I've shown my herb planter a few times, it's doing well. My purple basil is finally big enough that I nipped the top out so that it will fill in. My green basil I've already taken 2 harvests from (mmmm...basil pesto in the winter what a treat!) I put some of my chives on our potatoes for dinner last night and my tomato... you've got to see this! It's hit it's grow like crazy point. I repotted it yesterday, this is a 12" pot and it has two flower clusters coming in already. It's a yellow plum type, early ssbbacus aliana from winter sown.

can't wait to have real tomatoes again, you don't appreciate it until you've bought a few of those greenhouse tomatoes in the grocery store.
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