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Re: ***Winter gardening chat! *** December~January

lol. i was just about to go bump the old thread up from the depths cause i had a question. yea! anyone have any idea why radishes might not be bulbing (for lack of a better word?). i have them in a deep pot indoors, good potting soil, plenty of water, under grow lights. and i get quick germination and good looking plants, until i pull them and i get the smallest little bulb, if anything at all. a lot of them were just straight roots. they were quite long, so i know they have room lengthwise, and they weren't super close together in the pot, so they should have had some room to grow widthwise too. but...nothing. my theory is, maybe not enough light? is that a factor? they're under grow lights, but they get no actual sunlight since they're in my basement and it's too cold for them to go outside ever. the ones that do create small bulbs seem to almost sit on top of the soil instead of down in it. why? it seems like this could affect growth too.

other than that, i've got nothing going outside right now (zone 5) but i've got stuff going inside. i just made my first salad from my indoor lettuce the other day, and i've been having some good success growing sprouts! which is so much fun and interesting. between the 2 we should have fresh salads a good chunk of the winter. although we're just about to go out of town for 10 days and i'm a little worried, but i'm just going to soak the lettuce before we leave and hope for the best. i just got back after a week long business trip, and they hadn't been watered because i didn't want to bother dh with it while he was alone with the kids. they were a little droopy, but a good watering perked them up. i think we'll be ok. spinach is a bust here too. i dunno, i also can never seem to get spinach to grow. i planted it in several different successions this last summer, including this last one in pots indoors. i haven't gotten a single leaf to eat. they either never come, die still small, or bolt immediately. i dunno. i'll keep trying cause i love spinach, but it's not my friend right now. the only other thing i was trying to grow is some cilantro. i'm thinking this is kind of a slow grower? it took forever to germinate and is still just this itty bitty little seedling. i don't know that it will make it during our trip. but, well, i'll soak it too, hope for the best, and then probably re-plant when we get back. anyone know if cilantro is supposed to be this slow. i planted it back in Oct sometime. it should be getting close to mature according to the seed packet, but it still only has 1 set of "true" leaves on it.

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