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Sugar Peas and Batik Bum Medium Left!! Make me an Offer

I have 5 Wool Wraps for sale

Make an offer if you don't like the price!

Open for trades as well for bamboo prefolds/flats, 18+ months girl clothing, 3T boy shorts and 4T+

PM me if interested!


Sugar Peas and Pink Wool Wrap with Cupcake on the back.
Sugar Peas is listed as medium, but I would say it's like a large size small, very thick and works well over night and for long periods of time. The Pink Wool wrap is a size medium and works great for naps, but not night!

Top left, Medium EUC Sugar Peas cover. Runs Small, more like a large Small.

Top Middle, pink marble OS Chelory Wool Wrap. Night weight, EUC

Both Chelory SOLD
Top Right, Pink Medium Wool Wrap. EUC

Bottom Left, Older style chelory, 18$

Bottom Right, Holdens SOLD GUC Holdens Landing medium wrap. Elastic is GUC, still has stretch, but not like a new wool cover.

Wear on Holdens Landing. Still fully functional, does not affect the snap.

Back of pink one:
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