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Re: Car Seat in the Front Seat?

Have you tried that third row setup? The Roundabout, Marathon, Affix? I would be shocked if it worked, which is not to say that it definitely won't, just that I'd be surprised. Also boosters in the third row of Dodge vans are known to be difficult to get a proper belt fit, so check that as well.

ETA: Remember that fitting 3 car seats across is not just a matter of cramming them all back there, but also that you need the seats to be installed independently (i.e. if you remove the other seats, the remaining seat is still tight). And when a booster is involved, you need to have enough room to buckle the booster, or you can leave it buckled and have the child climb into it and climb under the seatbelt and then tighten the belt. Just so you know what you're getting into!

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