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This group is for ladies who are pregnant after a loss. Under the "spoiler" tags are the lists of those who are currently pregnant and those who have had their rainbow babies. If you would like to be added to either list, please send a PM to the current original poster of the thread. The lists have been hidden to avoid "triggers" for people.

Still baking


Edensmomma (Jena), 4th pregnancy, due 12.27.12
abhernandez (Alice), due 2.10.13
TS8213 (Trace), 4th pregnancy, due 3.7.13
Sunshine915 (Lauren), 4th pregnancy, due 3.12.13
emeyer76 (Erica), 5th pregnancy, due 3.23.12
lilbitcrunchy (Heather), 6th pregnancy, due 3.26.13
sterlids, due 3.28.13
happymama1 (Kristen), 7th pregnancy, due 3.30.13
canadianbakers (Elena), 11th pregnancy, due 4.14.13
RunawayBunny, 3rd pregnancy, due 4.15.13
leyash, due 5.8.13
Ingrid5699 (Ingrid), 6th pregnancy, due 5.30.13
myblessedbaby (Kate), 9th pregnancy, due 5.30.13
newcdmommy29 (Erica), 4th pregnancy, due 6.13.13
carlycurry (Carly), 3rd pregnancy, due 6.28.13

R a i n b o w s have arrived!

crunchymom2b (Alycia), 3rd pregnancy (2nd child), Vinny born 9.3.2012
ChocolateMoose (Melissa), 7th pregnancy (8th child, 4th surviving baby), Andrew born 9.12.201
Harmony96 (Andrea), 4th pregnancy, Josiah Nathan born 12.31.12

Trace, married to Shaun 2.21.04
Kyleigh 11.8.04 ~ Tegan 12.29.06 ~ Emmerson Kate 2.21.13
Forever missing Colton 11.5.11 (15w)

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