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Re: A child accidently injured my child

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Tell your husband he's WAY overreacting. What happened would be known as an accident. Kids were goofing around, and someone got hurt. He didn't even get hurt that badly, there aren't even stitches. No one was trying to throw rocks at your kid, no one expected your kid to be there when they were throwing rocks. Yeah, they shouldn't have been throwing rocks, but your kid probably should have watched where he was running too.

How would your DH feel if the situation were reversed. What if it was your son who threw the rock and the other kid who ran right in front of him at the wrong time?

If I were this other kid's parents, I would be livid that someone would even consider suing over something that dumb.
I second this, to sue or peruse anything of the sort over this type of accident is just unreasonable.

I'm glad your son is ok.
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