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Re: My 5 yr old son was suspended today

I cannot help but wonder if there is more going on. An out of school suspension is a pretty serious consequence for a first offense.

My oldest never bit anyone in his life until one day in 1st or 2nd grade a kid (a friend) reached across his desk for some reason and he reached out and bit him. He left a mark, but didn't break the skin. His entire consequence was an hour or so in with the principal and mommy coming to school to talk to him. He ate his lunch in the principal's office that day and that was it. He has never exhibited another incident of violence before or since. If he were habitually violent with his classmates, the next step would be an in school suspension. My kids are in a very small school, so I don't know if a larger school would make significant difference, but I would be really curious why it went immediately to out of school suspension. An out of school suspension would be even more severe of consequence.

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