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Re: Night Weaning - HELP!

Originally Posted by Samantha
Some babies just fuss for a few seconds a few times a night. Harper does it.

ETA: I am sorry I got distracted LOL....What I did was I would just cuddle her a bit and tell her its ok, and wait for her to calm herself down (typically 10 seconds) and then go back to sleep.

If she is one of those babies that just wakes up a few times a night, I think the only thing you can do is move her to her own room. Like Harper, wakes up and fusses for 5 seconds everytime she turns over. Just the way she is....DS was like that too.

Sometimes, she will fuss and then go back to sleep but sometimes she will keep at it until I get her.

I would move her to her own room but we only have 1 bedroom LOL. We're in a rink a dink apartment so this is our only option as of yet. It is getting better. She only typically gets up once a night - and last night she didnt even nurst she wanted in bed with me/us - sometimes she can be a really snuggly sleeper (but mostly she is a wild sleeper).
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