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Re: Anyone have a DH that was NOT considering a large family?

My boyfriend was against it at first. I had two kids from a previous marriage and he has one that he's never gotten a chance to meet. We agreed we'd have one more. After that traumatic birth experience we'd never really talked about having more. He was happy with three in the home and four if his son ever came for visitation. Then we found out about our little guy. He got all excited hoping for a girl, and now he's on board with trying once more for a girl. That would leave us with 5 kids. Right now we're both kind of worried that the chances of twins go up in our current situation, and while that wouldn't phase us, a friend of mine from high school just had her twins incredibly premature, so we're both really hoping that our next one isn't twins or we'll both be worried the whole pregnancy, but that aside, he's on board with one more, maybe two. That's a huge change from "three kids is way more than enough!"
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