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Re: How mainstream is cloth in your area?

I live 20 miles south of the Twin Cities (MPLS/St.Paul) and this is hard to say. I have a lot of family members that use cloth (without my influence) and most of my friends with babies cloth diaper, but I'm not sure if it's who I surround myself that makes me think cloth is pretty popular, or if it actually is pretty popular. It's for sure not a weird or hippie thing here at all. I often see fluffy bums when out and about. We have a MN cloth diapering moms page and there are over 300 members. However, I've answered this question on here before as, yes, very popular and others have said the opposite so I'm really not sure. We have one B&M dedicated store, but it's on the very north end of the cities, almost an hour from me. There are a few other stores around the area that carry a small selection, but really not much for B&M stores. I think a B&M store would be great in my area (oh how I wish I could open one...). I'd know there's a lot of Minnesota moms on here and I'd love to hear their opinion.
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