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Stroller Help Needed (triple/quad)

Hey Mamas,
I'm at a loss and welcoming advice! (Begging for advice, is more like it.)

My twins are almost 18 months. They'll be almost 21 months when baby #3 arrives. They are very active and run away every chance they get, so I absolutely know that I need a stroller that I can strap them into (Sit N Stand wouldn't work for us.)

I have found a couple of strollers that COULD meet our needs. Most triples are for one toddler and two younger (two reg. seats plus one toddler seat), and I KNOW these boys will not do well if they have a really limited view. So the ones that I have found give a nice view for each child. However, they are all very expensive, all starting at $400 (used) on up.

Now... I just got hired to watch another little guy, who is a few months younger than my boys. I'm debating if I should just go ahead and spend a bit more for a quad stroller. On the one hand, I don't know that I'll be taking them out beyond neighborhood walks (since traveling w/ four in the van would be very difficult), but it would certainly be nice to have the option to do walks occasionally. I could always use a wagon, but I don't know if I will like carrying the infant while pulling a wagon (I couldn't ever comfortably wear my twins, even one at a time, so I am not sure how I'll be at it this time.)

So, what would you do?
Get a triple?
Get a Quad?
Buy the cheapest I can find (even if it looks miserable to push?)
Buy the super expensive one (that looks like a dream to push?)

The ones that I am considering are:
The Triple Decker (HOPING it would last us for years, but everyone seems to sell it pretty early.)

ABC Everest Twin with toddler seat or double seats on top (I know this one is very highly recommended, but it is pricey and I can't find it used, so I'd probably have to buy new.)

PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS!!!!!!!! My mom says "Just don't plan on going anywhere. Then you won't need a stroller." Great... Thanks, mom.
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