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Re: Stroller Help Needed (triple/quad)

Originally Posted by titania View Post
if you get a stroller that is miserable to use, you won't use it. and will have wasted your money.

as for trip or quad--will the income generated by watching the little boy offset the cost of upgrading to a quad? how long do you foresee watching him for? do you go out for walks now?

there is a mama on here who has the quad mountain buggy one, and i think she loves it. my guess is if you can't find it used, people are either not buying it, or love it enough to keep it. the fact that you can find the other one used says people are not using it like they thought they would. to me anyway.

so i guess im leaning toward the nicer one, but whether trip or quad i can't say. plan on any more kids? maybe that would be a factor to help you decide? either way, good luck and congrats on your new baby boy! i have 3 boys too. post pics when you get your stroller!

You bring up really good points. The quad mountain buggy is hard to find b/c it is made in NZ, not in the US, so it just isn't seen much here (I originally found out about it through that mama's post!)
The boy that I am watching is (assuming all goes well) going to be a permanent thing. I'll have him 3 or more days per week every week; the quad is expensive, but I probably should have it if I ever want to get out of the house (and the cost would be covered in about two weeks of watching him.)

DH doesn't want more kids, but I would like to try for a girl sometime. (Plus, I always liked larger families! ) My gut says go for the nice quad. I guess it is just a matter of convincing DH (who doesn't use the stroller, of course!) that it is a necessity.
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