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Re: How to tell midwife I want UAC?

Originally Posted by Leah52 View Post
I think that is a bit steep. My midwife is $2500 and that includes a doula and she is high for this area.
I know of midwives who charge around that in this area but I had already "committed" to this midwife and have a few reasons that I want to stick with her. The first being, back in May I was pregnant and she spent a lot of time with me and did an ultrasound which caused her to suspect a blighted ovum. She referred me to a specialist who confirmed it. She didn't charge me a nickel with no idea if I would ever return. I thought that spoke volumes about her character and how she conducted her business.

Honestly, it isn't really about the dollar amount but I don't like to think I am paying for a service I won't receive. As a pp stated, I guess I am not just paying for the service but also her time and availability.
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