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Re: Senstivity to formula?

Originally Posted by EuphoricDysphoria View Post
Did you notice the symptoms right away?

I ask because up until 4-5 days ago, she was getting 1/2 BM because I was pumping. But now it's 100% formula. I wonder if she's now showing symptoms because it's all formula?! Ah, so clueless
Well, I was giving breastmilk too, but not as much bc I didn't produce as much. I did notice it within the first four weeks and more noticeably when it was 100% formula after 4 weeks. This also corresponded though with him being able to move a bit more and not be so blobby so I think the jarring did him in a bit, plus you are naturally less paranoid like they will be broken if you move them too fast after a few weeks, KWIM? But it was also my first child so in hindsight I think I didn't know what was normal and maybe didn't act as fast as I would with another child.
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