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Re: Senstivity to formula?

She was curling her legs in screaming in pain and comfort eating an insane amount. But that was a dramatic case. With DS he would vomit up the entire bottle projectile style with a couple brands. With one he just developed a rash.

With both of them, when I put them on the right formula the dramatic symptoms vanished and then they just started improving. DD started eating more and was happier, her silent reflux got a little better. With DS he stopped vomiting and his rash gradually cleared.

I'd perhaps try a sensitive formula with your LO and see what happens. DS did fine with Similac Sensitive. DD had to be moved to Alimentum Ready to Feed, she didn't tolerate the powder or concentrate forms of Nutramigen and Alimentum. It has to be Alimentum Ready to Feed, we tried this last after trying the others.
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