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Re: Senstivity to formula?

Originally Posted by Quickshep19 View Post
We had many signs. He had a "crust" even in his eyebrows, strangers would ask what was wrong with him. He screamed quite a bit & was always scratching his face. He was not growing, actually wasn't on the growth chart. He spit up tons even coming out his nose. We tried Regular Enfamil, the Gentlease, Prosobee, Neutramigen, Alimentum (even RTF) & Isomil. Nothing worked. We were seeing many doctors, Allergists ran tests, dermetologists had me change his clothing to all cotton, only washed in F&C detergents. Special lotions & soaps. He even had Barium swallow studies, upper & lower GIs. He was born Nov 16 at 8 lbs 15 oz. Was barely 10 lbs at Easter. We had a bag of Elecare samples & we put him on that. The allergist wanted us to wait until the last test results came back. I decided on Easter that I would wait no longer! Instant improvement. His skin was perfect within a week & the weight started improving. He screamed less, he stopped wearing mittens all the time. We could have tummy time! It got even better when they finally diagnosed him with dysphagia & we began to thicken his formula.

He is now 11 months old & is a tiny but healthy happy baby, in the 25%. He still drinks his Elecare thickened but can eat anything in small amounts. He runs around non-stop. He is just perfect. We never got a diagnosis as to why the Elecare made such an improvement but who cares? He is healthy now!

OP, I hope you find the answers for your baby. Don't let the doctors, nurses etc give you trouble. Mama knows best!

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Yay!! I am so glad the Elecare worked for you!
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