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Baby girl clothes lots, 0-3 month and 6-9 month. I will only sell these as lots as I don't have time for individual pics and descriptions. Shipping will be in a medium FRB.
Clothes are all in good condition, no stains. Sleepers are cotton. Brands include Carters, Just One Year, The Children's Place, Gerber, and more.

**Take both clothing lots plus a 0-6 mo pair of soft-soled shoes and a 6-12 mo pair for $40 PPD. I may not be able to fit hats and blanket in though.**

0-3 month clothes. 21 pieces for $21 PPD.
8 sleepers (1 is NB size), 4 short sleeve onesies, 1 long sleeve onesie, and 1 gown (not pictured, it's pink). Also includes 6 hats/bonnets and a blanket.

6-9 month clothes (plus a couple of 12 month). 11 pieces for $20 PPD
2 sundresses (no diaper covers)
2 short sleeve onesies
1 short sleeve shirt (matches either overalls or one of the sundresses)
2 pairs of pants
1 sweater dress (12 month size)
2 pairs of overalls (1 is 12 month size)

3-6 month clothes. 23 pieces are pictured--I can fit all but 3 of the sleepers in the FRB. $26 PPD for 20 pieces (your choice of sleepers). Pictured are 8 sleepers, 2 dresses, 1 pair of overalls, 3 summer rompers/sunsuits, 5 pairs of pants, 2 short sleeve onesies, and 2 short sleeve shirts.

Trade ISO:
Jujube Quick
See Kai Run boyish sandals, size 7 or 8 (play condition ok)
books by Holling C. Holling
Soft Star boots (try me)

*Only ISO listed trades*
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