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Re: Covers for 5lb baby

Originally Posted by mommadeeof4+ View Post
Thanks for all the info mamas Daisy is in cloth full time now at 9days and 5lbs 11oz, everyone was right, bummis superbrites fit the best! Sweet pea newborn fit nice in the rise but have some gaping at the legs, econobum newborn fit great but the rise is a bit high until the cord falls off. The preemie proraps are still a little big surprisingly, so I'm hoping once she porks up a bit I can use them! I appreciate all the well wishes and advice

Deirdre~married to Joe, the love of my life & Momma to our 5 great kids- Emily {5/07}, Lilly {11/08}, Joseph {7/10}, Maggie {7/12} & Daisy {7/14}

Do you have any pictures? I'm debating on getting some Sweet Pea Covers.. I have 2 NB Superbrite already. Due in November with a little girl and I imagine she will be on the smaller side!
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