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fussy baby poop and nipple issues long

Does anyone else have one? Aliyah is so fussy and I feel so bad for her, and for me, and its driving me crazy wondering why shes like this. I freaked out last Sunday because she had blood in her poop. She has always had mucousy like strings in her poop and it varies from yellow to green but when I called the ped she said it just sounded like an allergy and for me to go dairy free and see if that helps. Well I've tried but I accidentally keep eating stuff that I don't know has dairy in it. There's been no more blood but its still loose and mucousy. I don't know if its truely an allergy, possible oversupply, foremilk/hindmilk imbalance or something more serious. Shes not running fever or anything just fussy most all her waking hours, super gassy, acts like shes starving all the time and has these odd poops. Maybe its colic, I don't know but I'm going crazy. I can't get anything done, I feel like my baby is broken and I can't fix her. To top it off, I have plugged ducts in one breast and both have places that look like busted blisters or raw spots close by my nipples. Her latch is good but her tongue is white so I wonder if she has thrush now from the antibiotics I had in labor since I was group b positive. Anyone else have any similar issues or am I alone?
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