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Our envelope system is fairly small compared to most people but here are ours:

School fund: $15/mo to pay for homeschool curriculum, educational toys or activities. DS is only 6 mos. We'll increase this to about $80 when he's older.

Clothes: $30/mo for all of us, including dh work clothes.

Gifts: $25/mo for all of us, including Christmas. We ramp this up and lower other envelopes closer to Christmas if we need to.

Auto maintenance: $20/mo to cover oil changes and the like for both cars and the sticker for DH's car, my mom pays for my cars tag.

Date night: $40/mo max. This one I just keep at 40 unless we're saving up to do something special. If we don't go out one month, nothing goes in next month. If we only spend $20 this month, I only put $20 back next month.

Envelopes we could have but don't:
Takeout $30/mo
Groceries: $300/mo
Gas: $75/mo both of us
Toiletries: $40/mo (this category is actually just called HEB in my spreadsheet because it includes everything from toothpaste to paper towel to if we buy new rugs for the bathroom. Basically any non-food purchase).
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