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Re: Haven't posted here in awhile! Pain in between legs. :(

Originally Posted by Christylkeller View Post
YEP, Pubic symphasis! I have had it in all of my pregnancies and earlier and earlier each time. No worries about PTL or cervical changes, it is the ligaments and bone relaxing. Go get yourself a belly support band. I did for this pregnancy and it made a HUGE difference. I left the maternity store with it on because I could feel such a remarkable difference! I bought one that was wider than the popular ones. It made my hps feel so supported and held together which helped stabilize the pubic bone. Chiropractic care is also helpful, but in my experience it doesn't hold for very long since everything is so loosey goosey do to the hormones. Hope you can find relief! That pain really sucks!
Yes, it does. My hips hurt. The top of my legs hurt. My lower back hurts. My tailbone hurts. Ugh. ALLLLL around that area is just so painful! I'm already waddling because it hurts...
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