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Re: Looking for a Lavender, TT oil, and Grapeseed FREE cloth diaper rash cream

This is an interesting thread. Since I have two friends w/ newborns and another on the way, I've been really tempted to try to make a hypoallergenic diaperstick (deodorant container style) for them with a base of coconut oil and highly filtered (white) beeswax but also some olive and sesame. I do happen to have extra fine particle zinc oxide around (and arrowroot) but wonder if zinc oxide would be a little rough on some bums bearing in mind that a roll on has to melt on instead of just being gooped on? However, zinc is in sooo many diaper creams. Perhaps I shouldn't tread where my knowledge is scant? I've been looking at the ingredients in many of the natural diaper creams and have been thinking that it would be easy enough to make diaperstick gifts. But as a non-mom I have some doubts about my diaper cream intuitions.
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