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16 mo keeps waking up 30-40 min into!

wondering if someone here has experienced this or has any suggestions!

My 16 month old DD has never been a consistent napper, but is now consistently sleeping 1.5-2 hrs around 1:30pm. She has always slept in her crib, no co-sleeping. She still nurses to sleep both for nighttime and naps. I'd like to move away from that too, but I'm more annoyed that she almost always wakes up 30-40 minutes into her nap. This has been going on for at least 6 months, and I'm just tired of it. I used to be able to pick her up and bounce her back to sleep, but for the last few weeks I've had to nurse her back to sleep, which I find exceptionally irritating. Any suggestions on getting her to sleep straight through a nap? I need to be able to be productive around the house while she sleeps. I've tried camping out in her room for a week and trying to pat her back to sleep when she just starts to stir (suggestion from No Cry Sleep Solution book), but that has only worked a couple times. I've just been hoping she would outgrow this, but she's just not....

Oh, and I forgot to mention. She is, and always has been, a very good night sleeper when she's healthy. A typical night is 9:30-7ish, in her crib, with no wake-ups. A "really bad" night when she's really sick is 2 wake ups...I'm spoiled in that way, but thats why this whole nap waking issue is so puzzling to me!
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