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Food with Skins

Does anyone else have a dc who won't eat skins?
DS is 12 mos, and will only eat foods that he can feed himself. And he will not eat skins. He is amazingly good at getting everything he eats out of it's skin - he will eat pinto and kidney beans, and spit the skins back out, he can eat an entire apricot half and leave the skin in one or two big pieces (with all the fruit eaten). He will even eat zuchinni spears from the garden (which I think have super tender skins) and leave the skins behind, and asparagus he sucks the inside of the spear right out of the skin and stringy parts.
It's not really a big deal, I guess (although it can be a little messy, since he tucks all the skins under his leg in his high chair - lol)...just wondering if anyone else's dc has this habit.

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