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Spindle Spun - Enter to WIN 25% OFF Custom 1- or 2-ply Handspun Yarn on HC Envy 8/31!

Come visit my HC store at the Envy Congo!

Enter to win a 25% off Coupon at HC Envy 8/31 - to be used towards any 4oz of 1- or 2-ply yarn spun from my stash of pre-dyed fiber!

Hey mamas! I spin wool with a top whorl spindle into a variety of yarns. I can spin a fingering weight to an extra bulky weight, either 1 or 2-ply. I am happy to custom spin yarn for you. I can use my fiber and custom dye the fiber or I can spin fiber that you mail to me.

I have quite a few pictures of recent yarns here, but check out my Yarn Gallery and my Fiber Gallery to see more hand-spun and hand-dyed goodness!

Spinning Fees

Worsted Weight or heavier 1 or 2-ply $6.00/oz
Fingering/DK/Sport Weight 1-ply $7.50/oz
Fingering/DK/Sport Weight 2-ply $7.00/oz

Please note that I cannot guarantee a specific gauge or WPI due to the nature of handspinning. However, if the gauge is not the gauge you requested, it will be very close! There will also be variations in the overall grist of the yarn, as is typical of handspun.

Bulk Fiber in Stock

Alpaca - various colors and amounts available - $5/oz
BFL - White - $1.75/oz - 46 oz. available
Corriedale Superwash - White - $1.75/oz - can order upon request
Merino Superwash - White - $2.35/oz - can order upon request
Merino/Tencel Superwash - $3.25/oz - 8 oz. available
Optim (Finely Stretched Merino - a pseudo cashmere with very low micron count) - White - $5.25/oz
Rambouillet - White - $1.75/oz - 27 oz. available
Silk - White - $3.75/oz - 8 oz. availbale
Silk - Yellow & Cranberry - 4 oz of each color - $5/oz
Please contact me if there is a specific fiber you are looking for that I don't have in stock. I may be able to purchase fiber to spin for you.

Custom Dying

$1.25/oz for first three colors and then $0.25/oz for each additional color. Actual color of fiber does not count as dye color (If fiber is white, a white/blue/brown/pink would only be 3 colors dyed.)

I dye with food-grade dyes, typically Americolor and Ateco. All fiber that I hand-dye is heat and vinegar set and rinsed thoroughly. I recommend that you hand wash my yarn with unscented wool wash in warm water. Washing with a scented wool wash increases the risk of dye running. If you must wash with a scented wool wash, I recommend washing separately or with like colors the first few washes to accommodate for this risk. In addition to this, dark colors should be washed separately the first few washes regardless of wool wash used.

Check out the colors I have available to dye with here. Please note that colors may vary slightly by monitor. In addition to this, each variation of fiber takes on dye in a slightly different manner which can cause color variations between fiber types. I.e. Shetland fiber and Superwash Merino will look different dyed the same color.


Feel like treating yourself to an amazing fiber not readily available to most? Try alpaca fiber! Alpaca is a luxurious step up from wool. Alpaca requires no lanolization yet works awesome for diaper covers and is overwhelmingly soft. Base colors of alpaca available include white, tan, dark brown and black. You can have your fiber custom dyed or/and you can mix and ply two colors together!


$3.75 for first 4 oz. and $0.50 for each additional oz for contiguous 48 states
International and non-contiguous states please inquire for shipping quotes/rates. Insurance is included in cost of shipping and is required for all purchases.

Other Stuff!

I wash and lightly lanolize with a scented wool wash before I send the yarn out as a part of my process to set the twist. If you would like me to use unscented wool wash or not lanolize, please let me know!

Payment for YFMS (Your fiber my spindle) & MFMS (My fiber my spindle) is due before I dye and spin.

At this time I am unable to accept returns or exchanges. If you have concerns with a product you have purchased please contact me and I will do what I can to correct the situation if it is within my power to do so.

I will be having occasional custom slots open up at the Envy Congo.

Dyed Fiber Available to Be Spun

MM Gwion on Targhee - 4oz. available - $4.50/oz before spinning and shipping fees.

"Pink Smoke" dyed by Three Eves Boutique on superwash merino - 4.15oz available & $4.50/oz before spinning and shipping fees.

Family Roots / KY Baby Knits "Wildflowers" on superfine merino 64ct. - $5.15oz before spinning & shipping fees with 4.15oz available

Nurturing Threads - Fairy Petal on on superfine merino - 4oz available - $5.50/oz before spinning and shipping fees

Zen String on Falkland in their Sprout Colorway - 4 oz available - $3.25/oz before spinning & shipping fees

MM - Anu Earth Mother - Total of 8 oz. on 80's Superfine Merino - $5/oz before spinning & shipping fees.

4oz. of merino - dyed by Amy of Fiber Cycle in her Melting Glacier colorway $3.25/oz

8oz of BFL hand dyed by Amy of Fiber Cycle - $3/oz

3.2 oz. of corriedale hand-carded and hand-dyed by Handspun Harvest on HC & Etsy in her Hopscotch colorway. $4.25/oz

2.85 oz. wool blend (domestic wool, some mohair, possibly some angora and superwash....) drum carded by Three Eves Boutique (Serenity Tree on HC) $4.53/oz before spinning fee and postage. These are gorgeous batts that I am DYING to spin, but I'm just not sure if I am going to use this for little Thia or if it is something that someone else would love for their own yarn I suppose time will tell if I get to this for myself before someone else claims it! These batts are SUPER soft and fluffy!

Collaborations Available on HC Envy!

A super squishy newborn sleep sack, with coordinating hat and mitts along with coordinating Grass Giraffes newborn diaper from Ucky Bumz & Grass Giraffes scrappy clutch ball from P is for Pollux!! Yarn is soft & undyed dark brown alpaca trim honeycombed over a delicious merino/angora blend yarn dyed forest green, chocolate brown, mint green, and ivory. $130 + shipping

This is a gorgeous and absolutely unique pair of capris knit by RCarver with handspun yarn dyed and spun by Spindle Spun using soft & pettable alpaca from Wacky Alpacky. The range of colors on these is amazing! Terracotta, violet, chocolate brown, deep pink, turquoise, and lemon yellow. $76.50PPD
Approximate Measurements are Waist: 14" with lots of stretch, Rise: 19", Hips: 19", Thigh: 10", & Inseam: 5-1/2"

Gorgeous pair of newborn shorties knit by RCarver with handspun yarn dyed and spun by Spindle Spun using soft & pettable alpaca from Wacky Alpacky. The range of colors on these is amazing! Terracotta, violet, chocolate brown, deep pink, turquoise, and lemon yellow. Trim on these shorties is 3-ply purewool.Approximate Measurements are waist: 12.5" with lots of stretch, rise: 13.5", hips: 14.5", thigh: 8", inseam: 1.5" $32.50PPD[center]

Previous Yarns

- Not available but good examples of different weights of yarn that I can spin!

Superwash corriedale, to be used in a collab with Lyn of Get Hooked

3.1 oz silk and 201 yards - DK weright

Shetland 4oz of 1-ply worsted weight dyed in a complementing colorway to the 8oz of 2-ply yarn. This is going to be used in a collab with Lyn (get hooked) and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Merino/Tencel, dyed by me with matching trim, 1ply bfl 1ply silk

Sugarbubbie Promise

Superwash Corriedale dyed bright white, tulip red, and teal! 12wpi

Gorgeous 50% Rambouillet/50% Tussah Silk hand dyed and carded by Crystal Creek Fibers. I've spun this into a light fingering weight yarn...Hand Knit by Marilyn of EviePants into this gorgeous fingering weight dress. The white trim is not handspun.

Romney fiber (custom dye slot won in my HC FFS raffle), around 3.7oz & 130 yards

Rambouillet dyed a myriad of browns (egg yellow, chocolate brown, warm brown), rambouillet dyed a pastel sky blue, and small Selah colorway plied with light blue rambouillet. Dress knit by Dakine knits and owned by vmomma

This is approx. 6 oz of alpaca handspun & approx. 230 yards Colors are terracotta, chocolate brown, bright white, royal blue, navy blue, and avocado.

DK weight approx 7 oz and 448 yards, BFL dyed maroon, black, bright white and chocolate brown.

The pink/orange is 531 yards and 5.25 oz at 14wpi (approx.) and the pink/reds is 246 yards, 1.75 oz, and approx 14-16qpi. The fiber is rambouillet, which is a merino with a bit less luster but more fluffiness than typical merino. This yarn was hand dyed by sarahwood3587 on Etsy. The completed dress, bloomers and booties were knit by Lisa at Black Tree Knits.

Customs List:
jelybean333 - 8 oz merino/tencel + 2 oz trim (BFL + silk) - complete!

1. Guest @ Megaroo's, October - 4oz MM Ellyl worsted weight & 8oz BFL black, royal blue, leaf green, yellow, red, violet - spun Ellyl
2. Win 25% off any 1- or 2-ply handspun yarn spun from my stash of fiber!
3. Me! - 5oz rambouillet worsted + 3 oz silk worsted + 4 oz rambouillet DK + 3 oz silk DK = 7 oz fingering, 8 oz worsted, 7oz DK

Payment for YFMS (Your Fiber My Spindle) & MFMS (My Fiber My Spindle) is due before the start of the project.

Please note: I do my best to photograph my yarns so that the truest color possible is shown. However, monitor depictions of colors can and do vary. I cannot be ultimately liable for that variation and as a result I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges due to these possible color variations.
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