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Re: Somebody introduce me to Flats...please?

I used prefolds with my first (starting at 7 months), but with my second, I am using mostly flats. After reading the multiple flats threads on here, I figured this would be the best option for us.

My reason for relying on flats are varied.

-Less drying time (we are a dryer free family)
-cost (super cheap if you buy flour sacks or reuse t-shirts, receiving blankets)
-simplicity (after baby #1, I've realized I don't need all that fancy stuff)
-versatility with the folds
-durability (can use from newborn until potty training)
-easier to clean (less layers, less issues with a wash routine)

I did buy a few pockets, however, to make it easier on DH and anyone else who might be watching our newbie.

I purchased flour sacks and have been practicing folds in the meantime. You can also simply padfold in covers.
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