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Re: NYTimes article on breastfeeding READ IT and comment!

I think that breastfeeding your baby should be the most important priority. I think that some of the women mentioned in the article could have really gone to the higher ups in the company, or to the media about how they were being treated and really gotten some results. How many mothers do you think would want to take their children, much less go themselves, to a dentist who behaved in such a manor? I think I would have gone to the media immediately over that one. Also, I think that what this article touches on has just become a way of life in our country, speaking of the haves/have nots. We do need legislation that protects our rights as women and mothers. Look at maternity leave in other countries as opposed to ours. My sil in Japan has THREE YEARS maternity leave, and still gets some of her pay and some of her benefits. Can you imagine????

It seems we are too busy fighting wars and giving the big businesses breaks these days to worry about feeding babies and other such nonsense (note the sarcasm).
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