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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

Their meat is better and cheaper than Wally-world.
I like some of their produce, but not others. I don't get lettuce/cabbage there, and proceed with caution on the other produce. Although I proceed with caution on produce from every grocery store!
Their canned veggies are a good value, but I don't like their chicken/beef broth.
Snacks like pretzels, chips, etc are very cheap, but I think much lower taste quality than the name brands. Good though if you are cutting out the expensive snacks from the budget.

I really like their spaghetti sauce and it is only $1 (plus or minus), although last time I got mushroom, and didn't care for that one
Milk is the cheapest price anywhere.
Like any new product, just try one of each item before stocking up. You will not notice a difference on some things, like the price difference enough not to care on some things, and possibly hate other things.
Yippee that you should be able to start saving some money though!!!!
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