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Yes i am step mom have been is his life since he was 14 months old he is almost 11.
Sadly she has 3 other kids. The other kids get left behind majority of the time as well from what DS tells us. Not sure where she goes really don't care it's more of the fact. (Currently we think are under the impression she is trying to be a surrogate for the third time or donate her eggs for the 8th time) or in the past it has been weekend trips to Reno or Tahoe.
Mom has control issues I don't think she would give up her 4 days a month. Even though she doesn't have him most of the time.
I understand the want for vacation time alone with your spouse but shoot you have 24 days a month schedule vacation when your son is not with you!
We want to return to court and fight for it but then it's not fair to DS but it is so annoying to have him come home and say he was with someone else all weekend and his mom was out of town.
Ugh sorry I'm just so frustrated! And really don't understand

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