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Re: Parenting Schedule question

Originally Posted by JeDeeLenae View Post
Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. Do you know why she's going OOT?

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Maybe she isn't going out of town. Maybe she is serving weekend time. My aunt had to do that for 6 months for pot possession. That one is a real long shot I know, but that is what popped into my head.

I fell bad for the boy. That sucks. Is he aware of the arrangement? Like does he know mom legally should have him for x amount of days? If not I wouldn't tell him or say things like your suppose to be going to moms this day. Just make it like a surprise when she does actually take him. That won't work as he gets older and it makes me annoyed that it doesn't show the kid mom is being the bad guy, but it makes the kid happier. I had a cousin that use to do this for her's when dad didn't take them on his days. She just pretended that dad wasn't suppose to take them at all, so when he did it was a nice treat or surprise for the kids. Made dad the hero- which is really makes me mad, but it also helps the kids feel not abandoned. Of course once they got older it didn't work any more, but at least they were happy for a while.
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