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Originally Posted by Green Decals

Please read the above link, he does not need to retract to clean. Just as we don't wash the inside of a girl's vagina, the glans (head) of the penis is an internal organ. Retraction is a function for intercourse. Simply because the foreskin has separated does not mean that retraction is necessary for cleaning. Intact = do not retract - only clean what is seen. Until he hits puberty and smegma production ramps up and the opening of the foreskin has widened in response to hormones, he needs only to clean the outside, not retract.
Not sure why you wrote it like that. I was agreeing with you. He doesnt need soap and at most can rinse it. I didnt say he needed to or should. If you read the post you quoted of mine you would see I mentioned that we dont put soap in our vaginas so we dont need to clean under foreskin with soap.

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