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Re: Intact help!

Could it be yeast? Does the skin look dry or flaky, or is it just red? It can be painful when the skin cracks, or he could be interpreting/articulating itching as pain.

He could easily have played a little too rough with it too. If he's not feverish, in agony, or showing outward signs of infection (like offensive discharge), I'd let him try soaking in some warm water with baking soda tomorrow. That seems to work well for us when DS gets some occasional irritation on the tip of his foreskin. I've also heard a few drops of lavender essential oil is safe, soothing, and promotes healing in situations like this, though we've never tried it.

From what you describe it doesn't sound too serious, fortunately. I'm sorry your little guy is in pain -- it's just a sensitive area, but most little owies doen there will heal without incident. If anyone in your family says anything unkind about it, I would recommend one of two courses of action: Tell them to stuff it unless they want you to harass them every time one of their intact daughters (or circ'ed sons) has a problem, or ask if they really think it's better for any irritation and injury he might experience to occur directly on the head of his penis instead. But I'm not known for being terribly diplomatic in these situations.
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