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Originally Posted by BNC
Im not usually an angry person. In fact, before kids I was often described as extremely easy going and level headed.

Then I had Kara. That child is a *handful*. She pushes every single button I have, every single day until I explode.

I dont know how to control it. I yell at her and tell her to just go away. Which I feel awful about. I dont consciously yell, it just spills out with no warning. Ive never been a fact before kara I could count on one hand the number of times I had ever raised my voice at someone.
I could have written this. I am normally a calm and laid back person. But DD just gets under my skin. I hate fighting her over simple, stupid things. Like, she hates clothes (she's 2). I do not want to debate over getting dressed. We have places to go and you need clothes! I feel so guilty when I yell at her. Her whining just makes me crazy.

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