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Sold - I have 16 of the older style, velcro closure Osocozy fitteds available in size medium. 6 are unbleached, 6 bleached, and 4 organic. I purchased these new and they have been one of our go-to diapers (dh's fave) for the last 6 months or so. These have gathered legs without elastic, which I was initially uncertain about, but they work great, contain everything, and can take a ton of abuse. The velcro is getting fuzzy, some of the tabs are curling, and a couple of the tabs have small areas of missing stitching; however, all are fully functional and I am certain you could get a lot of use out of them before the velcro needed replacing. There are no holes or any issues that would affect function - just normal wash wear. Some have no staining, a few have light stains, and a few have slightly bigger stains. I use a very small amount of prediluted bleach as part of my normal wash routine, but I have never tried sunning. I'm asking $70 65 $60 ppd - that's less than $4 per diaper! These have been awesome for us, but I need the paypal to get some easy aios for daycare. . Thanks!

Ok, here are pics of half the lot. The rest are currently in the laundry and/or diaper bag, but these are pretty representative of the condition of the others. I only see a couple of light stains. I'm not sure, but I think one or two of the others might have slightly bigger stains. I'll gladly get pictures of the rest on request, or I will post them here when I get a chance.

Here are pics of the rest of the lot. A few light stains here and there, and one big stain (pictured)

I also have 4 in size large that I would be willing to throw in for an additional $15. The larges were also purchased new and have not been used as much as the mediums.

I also have a dozen cheap covers (11 aplix, 1 snap) for sale here:

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