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Re: Does anyone else have a Jekyl and Hyde?

Oh boy, this is so me with dd3. At school she is perfect...her teachers tell me all the time. At home she is HORRIBLE. No one believes me when I tell them the things she does. She loves school and loves to please her teachers. At home I make her do things like pick up her toys, take a bath, brush her teeth, get in her car seat and go to bed...oh the horror! I figure school is fun for her and home isn't always, so she gives me grief. I'm gad she is so good at school, but mama needs a break sometimes.
Something I just recently started doing is video taping her when she gets in one if her fit throwing moods. I told her I will show her teachers, and I will. She also happens to be our next door neighbor. I have no problem showing her, and since dd doesn't want to disappoint her teacher the fit usually stops or she runs and hides. Which is good enough for me for now. I sure hope she outgrows this soon because it is exhausting.
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